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Musician's Health Forum

An online community dedicated to sharing resources for music injury recovery, and injury prevention.

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Musicians are susceptible to repetitive strain injury (RSI) and other overuse injuries due to the repetitive movements, and small muscle groups often involved in music performance.  Click below to learn the facts about RSI.

Owning your recovery

Many performing artists lack the resources and healthcare access in order to receive a proper diagnosis or treatment plan for a suspected music injury.  This leaves artists to navigate recovery on their own - including self-diagnosis, research, and staying on the recovery path.

Embracing uniqueness

Although performance-related injuries and RSI affect many people across various occupations, performing artists are uniquely impacted, and therefore need a supportive community that can respond to, and empathize with their unique experiences.

Engaging community

Ultimately there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for RSI, or performance-related injuries. is here to facilitate the sharing of stories and resources, and provide the supportive community you need to own your recovery.

Support Group

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Resources for music-related injury

RSI Common Treatments

Common treatments for RSI include ice or heat, and rest.  For chronic, and more severe RSI, somatic techniques including Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method have proven effective.  Along with somatic training, many who experience chronic performance-related injuries report on the benefits of yoga, as well as self-massage modalities like foam balls and rollers.

Alexander Technique

For years Alexander Technique has proven indispensable as a treatment for chronic repetitive strain injury.  Despite not having mainstream popularity, it has long been a trusted method of treatment at music conservatories and drama academies.  Re-training the body and mind to adopt (or return to) healthier movement patterns can address physical tension as well as performance anxiety.

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Finding What Works For You

Ultimately there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for RSI, or music injuries.  There has been a litany of research, and writing on the subject of music injury causes, and possible treatment options in recent years.  The content, and opinions expressed on this site are meant to be supplemental to a medical expert's advice, and to provide patient empowerment.  It is our hope that will provide foundational support to any performing artists on the path to recovery!

Life After Music

Ending the stigma of musicians choosing to pursue goals outside of music, or leave music as a career behind them, is integral to the mission of this community.  Like anyone, performing artists deserve support when making decisions that they feel are best for them, and prioritizing their emotional wellbeing.  For those pursuing careers outside of the arts, or putting their musical career on hold for the time-being, the following article provides some great context for a healthy approach.

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